we're a little bit different

At spudulike, we believe that fast food doesn't have to be junk food. We provide you with a wide choice of fresh and tasty ingredients that are hand-made to order.

what we're made of...

We use the best quality ingredients; from a sprinkle of rock salt to pesto dressing prepared on site, we know which flavours go together - the simpler, the better. As for our baking potatoes, they're specially washed and graded by our British suppliers!

seasonal taste...

We know that fresh tastes best so we adapt our menu throughout the year to bring you simple, mouth-watering food made from the freshest seasonal produce.

respect the land

We continuously strive to eliminate plastic-based food containers which end up in landfill. Instead our packaging is made from      bagasse (sugar cane), a compostable product which is environmentally friendly!

made to order

We deliver slow cooked food, served quickly and with a smile. Everything is made to order in front of your eyes.

everyday value

We work hard to ensure that our food satisfies every taste and is kind to your pocket too.